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According to the OpenCL specification version 1.0, the behavior of such shifts is undefined. Your OpenCL kernel code is accessing local or private variables out-of-bounds. For example, accessing a local or private array out-of-bounds or accessing a private variable after it has gone out of scope.

Debug your host code in existing tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger for Windows and GDB for Linux. If you want to use only one emulator device, you do not need to set the CL_CONFIG_CPU_EMULATE_DEVICES environment variable.

command.Objects created from different types of source code can be combined into a library, provided all objects target the same high-level design product. provides a set of Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins that enable capabilities for creating, building, debugging, and analyzing Windows and Linux applications accelerated with OpenCL. The C/C++ code editor in Eclipse does not include highlighting of several OpenCL-specific keywords. Additionally, it reports syntax errors for OpenCL functions in the host code. It opens in a default editor and contains C++ template host code for the Hello World example project you selected earlier.

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Simulator or Emulator what is difference

To obtain a list of the available devices, you can run the aoc.exe -list-boards command. Indicates a maximum number of threads that can be used by the emulator. Your OpenCL kernel code is using shifts that are larger than the type being shifted.

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The offline compiler debug support allows you to pinpoint the origins of functional errors in your kernel source code. It does not support the emulation of I/O channels that interface with input or output features of your FPGA board. If the correct version of libstdc++.sois not found, the call to clGetPlatformIDs function fails to load the FPGA emulator platform and returns CL_PLATFORM_NOT_FOUND_KHR (error code -1001). In other words, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable must ensure that the correct version of is found. The OpenCL Emulator uses a different OpenCL platform than when targeting FPGA hardware.

option in your OpenCL kernel code might change the order of operations leading to further divergence in the floating point results. Conditional channel operationsEmulation of channel behavior has limitations, especially for conditional channel operations where the kernel does not call the channel operation in every loop iteration. In these cases, the Emulator might execute channel operations in a different order than on the hardware.

In addition, the Outline view is also populated with objects created from your code. In this tutorial, an Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling is used to create a simple Hello World application. This tutorial describes the process of creating a new OpenCL FPGA project and running the program.


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