Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong Says Blockchain Is A Fabulous Idea

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Source: SCMP

During 60 minutes in length clerical gathering with understudies of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) on 4 September, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong responded to a few inquiries from the group of spectators.

Recordings of the head’s answers were transferred into a playlist on the Prime Minister’s Office Youtube Channel.

On the point of blockchain innovation, PM Lee said that while there will be places the innovation can be utilized, there will be numerous spots where it’s not really required.

Noticing that it is a “fantastic new thought”, he included utilizing blockchain innovation would not put reviewers out of work, saying “on the off chance that you use blockchain to confirm a portion of the things which already examiners needed to proceed to confirm, I have most likely that there will be numerous different things which evaluators need to check for.”

He included later, “And I can let you know without a doubt that having blockchain won’t prevent things from turning out badly, or prevent individuals from finding astute better approaches to foul up things.”

PM Lee utilized a Chinese saying that means “the entertainer is one foot taller, the detestable witch is 10 feet higher” to delineate the point that for every headway made in blockchain innovation, somebody will think of a further developed method for beating the framework.

“There is no closure to this,” he advised.

He stated, “So I have most likely that reviewers will consistently have work. Be that as it may, it might very much be done in a significant distinctive manner from the manner in which evaluators used to do.”


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