Digital Transformation in Banking Summit 2020|London: Reinventing Tomorrow’s Banking

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SOURCE: Digital Transformation in Banking Summit

About Open Banking & SCA Forum:
The Darwin’s theory of evolution significantly holds true for the banks of this digital era. What can be called ‘Digital Darwinism’, where the technology and society has evolved faster than the bank have adapted in last 30 years. Therefore, it has become imperative for today’s Bank to switch from their age-old legacy systems to a more robust, efficient and modernized platforms to stay relevant in this digital age. Most of the leading banks are now investing heavily in digital technologies (such as blockchains, AI, Automation, Cloud computing) to reap their key benefits and stay competitive in the business.

Digital Transformation is a customer intelligence solution that enables banks to deliver a great omni-channel customer experience. Today’s business leaders are constantly challenging their organizations to ensure this change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage all while delivering exceptional customer experience.
Kinfos Events have identified through research that ‘Digital Transformation’ has emerged as one of the most topical subjects in banking sector. It is set to transform the banking of the future but there is currently no dedicated banking summit in Europe on this potent topic therefore in the interest of banking and FinTech sector we are bringing together Europe’s first of-its-kind show on Digital Transformation in Banking.

The summit aims to help the banking sector to learn about the latest case studies in Europe, live rollouts, industry best practices and address some of the most common challenges of implementing Digital Transformation from selecting the right digital platforms, managing the cultural shift, minimizing their costs of implementation, identifying new partners who can support this transformation journey through collaboration FinTechs.
This unique event will be jointly represented by 15+ leading speakers and it aims to gather about 120+ attendees (mostly from local and regional banks, regulators, standard bodies, selected FinTechs) who are looking to stay ahead of the curve.
We invite you to come and engage at this unique show.


Confirmed Speakers:

Dimitris Psarrakis | Economic & Monetary Policy Advisor | European Parliament

Gerwyn Jenkins | Innovation Director | Barclays

Mansoor A Sultan| Head of Wholesale Banking Digital Transformation | HSBC

Shahul Hameed | Senior Business Partner – Data Science, Analytics & AI solutions | KBC

Pete Hitchen | Head of Data Insights & Intelligence | Close brothers

Jenny Josefsson | Digital Transformation Growth Manager | Swedbank

Danielle Winandy | Head of RISK Innovation Office | BNP Paribas

Angela Johnson | Head of Cloud Security, Risk and Compliance | Deutsche Bank

Maria Ebro Andreasen | Head of Change & Transformation | Danske Bank

Sergey Lukashkin | Digital Transformation Director | VTB Bank

Tuomas Manninen | Head of Design & Customer Experience | OP Financial Group

Shnay Chohan | Senior AI Product Manager | RBS

Giles Byford | Chief Financial Officer | BO (NatWest)

Albert Van Veen | Chief Operating Officer | Moneta Money Bank

Jiri Mizera | Chief Strategic Change Officer | Moneta Money Bank

Prerit Ahuja | Director (Analytics & Digital Transformation) – Global Lead | DNB

Nick Fahy | Chief Executive Officer | Cynergy Bank

Maria Cristina Melan | Transformational manager and PMO | Keytrade Bank

Lee Howells | Head of Artificial Intelligence | PA Consulting (Conf-Chair)


What will the Speakers Talk About?

  • Getting ready for Digital Transformation
  • Disruption starts with unhappy customers, not technology
  • How we approach digital services for entrepreneurs and small business
  • Driving Digital Transformation with Advance Analytics
  • Challenges in the way of Digital Transformation
  • How working agile will improve organisational culture
  • The rise of cloud computing & implementation challenges
  • Regulation as a factor that can enable and assist the digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation Through Big Data, Analytics & ML


About Organisers

This conference is being organised by Kinfos Events which is a UK based company. It has carved out its own niche in the market for producing some of the most stimulating business conferences; which are built around the latest innovations, technologies and regulations in the Banking and FinTech sector.



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