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Who wants to travel to a city in the middle of nowhere, get to the venue of the conference in a
traffic jam, meet these new people, try all that armenian unknown dishes? And there will
definitely be need to reprint the business cards. Yeah, this is reasonable enough not to join the
But listen, nobody wants to miss the chance to rub shoulders with the thought-leaders and
experts of blockchain space for more than 20 hours, and have the unique opportunity to listen
to so many insightful and inspirational speeches from the top-notch experts and visionaries
from the space.
The Minister of Economy of Armenia, Tigran Khachatryan, will present the main principles of
the attractive crypto regulation law to be put in force soon, the CEO of Stefan Rust
will give a keynote speech on the recent developments of the platform, Henri Arslanian, the
Global Crypto and FinTech Leader at PwC and the Chairman of Fintech Association of Hong
Kong will uncover exclusive insights about the fintech and crypto industry, Toufi Saliba, the CEO
of will tell about the new protocol, Marc Taverner, the Global Ambassador of
Bitfury will show how governments are utilizing the DLT technology, we will go deep into use
cases of digital transformation with Dr. Ramadan AlBlooshi, and will spread light on the hottest
topics on the agenda of digital economies and much more.
We are hosting more than 25 blockchain communities with the presence of most active players
who will be showcasing their products and services, proving us that this industry is going to
disrupt the perception of the future we are all looking into.
ChainPoint 19 has the vision of bringing light to the most significant initiatives that are taking
place in the space and providing a platform for all the players to grab as much value as possible.

Who cares about all that startup competitions?!
If your startup doesn’t need funding, or if you are not thrilled to discover the next big thing in
its early stage, you can miss the CP19 Startup Battle.
Startups are the ones who fuel the development of the technology by proposing more and
more real world use cases. This teams and ideas have to be noticed and ChainPoint 19 is the
exact platform to bring all this fascinating projects onstage. Meet VCs, investors, experts, the
ones who have built the startup ecosystem from scratch and they are here to share their
experiences and maybe fund some of the lucky projects.

Why ChainPoint 19 Startup Battle?
– Build strategic partnerships
– Gain valuable and targeted media exposure
– Get invaluable expert feedback
– $350k prize fund, benefits and perks
The Startup Battle is supported by InnMind, aeternity ventures, CV labs and SmartGateVC, who
have contributed to form the prize fund. They provided the opportunity to join the top
incubation and acceleration programs, take the development of the project to the next level
and close a funding round at the end.
Your workload is way too busy for you to take two days off and visit the next blockchain hub
Nice point, you can stay at your comfort zone, but here we have lots of stuff happening, that
you definitely do not want to miss.
The Nooor Blockchain Armenia has introduced a draft law on crypto regulation and you can find
out why the country is another option during ChainPoint 19. We talk about Malta, Switzerland
as the jurisdictions with the most favorable conditions to operate a blockchain company, we go
to Estonia for better opportunities and address service-providers from Singapore, etc. Each and
every state is in hustle to put themselves on a map and attract as much international players as
possible. And here we are, stating that we can count as one of the best options to choose. This
is not only about the jurisdiction and fast growing tech industry, it is the creativity and the
innovative approach we got and ChainPoint is one of the platforms to showcase all the
opportunities that we have in our country.
We have taken the road of becoming one of the countries which will be advocating the
development of the technology and the ecosystem as a whole.
Putting aside the blockchain, are you sure you want to miss your chance to touch the
thousands-year-old history, see the outstanding cultural sights and taste the unique cuisine?
Consult with your travel agent, she will show you the right way!

Date Of The Event:  14-15 OCTOBER 2019

VENUE Of The Event: Yerevan, Armenia

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