Big Auditing Firm PwC’s Luxembourg Office Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

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“Huge Four” reviewing firm PwC’s Luxembourg branch will acknowledge digital money installments from customers beginning one month from now.

The move, reported Monday, is a reaction to customer request and shows PwC Luxembourg’s faith in blockchain innovation’s “medium to long haul” job in the economy, the firm said.

PwC Luxembourg said it cooperated with a nearby trade to encourage the installments. It didn’t recognize the trade or state which coins it will acknowledge.

Taking crypto may help PwC serve its blockchain customers, by giving everyday understanding into “AML/KYC-improved due industriousness… open/private keys… and dangers of custodial arrangements,” said the Luxembourg office’s chief of blockchain and crypto-resources, Thomas Campione, in an announcement.

PwC has been working with digital forms of money since 2014. 400 of its 250,000 overall representatives take a shot at “crypto-points,” bolstered by a 100-part specialized group committed to the blockchain.

The company’s Hong Kong office acknowledged a bitcoin installment in 2017 for business related to digital money examining.

In June, the firm reported the Halo information reviewing suite, which screens digital currency exchanges for various institutional customers.


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